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ARCHIVE of V3 COVID data page

Editor's note: The following COVID-19 charts will be updated weekly on Thursdays, when Massachusetts provides its latest municipal reporting. We will return to reporting each weekday should cases again surge in Massachusetts.

Tracking New Confirmed Cases And Deaths

Each of the graphs below track the number of new cases or deaths by the day diagnosed. It often takes a few days for hospitals, labs and other facilities to report the data.

You may note that the charts show a sharp drop-off for the last few days. Keep in mind that may not mean an actual decrease in the numbers, but a delay in the state's reporting.

Tracking The State's Positive Test Rate

The graph below shows how many tests taken by residents have come back positive — that's the state's positive test rate.

The orange line shows that rate excluding results from colleges and universities, where students and staff are tested multiple times a week. Because of that, the same person can contribute multiple negative tests and inadvertently skew the positive rate downward. In providing the second rate without higher ed results, the state data offers a cleaner picture of the actual positive rate in Massachusetts.

Town-By-Town Data

The following map and table are updated every Thursday, when the state releases new municipal data. To see the state's daily reports, click here.

You can also search for your city or town using the table below.

Coronavirus In The Hospital

A key metric in combating the pandemic has been hospitalization: We want to make sure that any wave of infections does not exceed our ability to treat people with the most serious cases.


The above numbers indicate the percentage of all Massachusetts residents partially or fully vaccinated, according to the Department of Public Health (DPH). Population percentages are based on the preliminary 2020 census data for Massachusetts.

The Pandemic To Date In Massachusetts

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